Soulmate & Twin Flame Tarot Reading

Twin Flame & Soulmate Tarot Reading

Tarot Readings are a wonderful way to check in with your current life circumstances and to see where you stand now on all levels, energetic, emotional, mental and physical.

These types of relationship connections can offer us such gorgeous and dynamic energies to learn from, grow from and love from. The experiences with a divine counterpart are often described as other worldly, celestial, cosmic and divine.

Because of such high and big energy, those involved in such connections often experience deep lows throughout the relationship as well. People are often triggered internally and find themselves acting out through their shadow side in an effort to stay afloat only to experience more pain and suffering.

These readings are designed to reveal the current energy between you and your beloved, identify any blocks inhibiting further growth and development and to give you the bigger and higher perspective that is so often needed to navigate such diverse terrain. The key to unlocking the potential of such a beautiful connection is seeing how you yourself can grow and learn from what it triggers inside of you.

The focus is then shifted more toward your increasing and expanding awareness of unconditional love, peace and healing. When we effectively release lower vibrational attachments to those we love, real divine love and self love can flourish, succeed and navigate us more quickly toward what is meant for us.

Soulmate & Twin Flame Tarot Reading

60 Minute Tarot Reading: $133 USD

All sessions are facilitated privately with Deepa over Zoom.

My Promises to You

My intention is always to give you clarity, support, counsel, guidance, unconditional love and to offer you a well lit path on your healing journey.

“You did not just explain what each card means, you really put your soul and energy into this reading and your words gave a huge positive vibe which I missed at that time.”

– Marina K, Past Client.

Even in the first email message I received from you, I felt seen, heard, and valued. I felt like you were in my corner, cheering for me every step of the way!

– Tamara, Past Client.