Akashic Record Reading

An Akashic Record Reading is a truly enlightening experience. It helps lift you out of your current challenges and aims to answer your most pressing questions by accessing the highest vibration of love, light and wisdom that your soul possesses.

During the reading, I start and end your session with a prayer to your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in the Akashic Realm. This prayer activates and guides our session time together. It allows me to access your records and any information you may need at this time as provided by your team in the Akashic Records.

This type of reading can provide you with insight into a current problem, challenge or behavioural pattern as well as give you guidance on navigating it. Through our conversation together, you may see options, possibilities, opportunities and even causes that were not seen previously. Blocked energy or stagnation can be released and healing will start as you begin to bridge where you once were to your new understanding.

Please take time to reflect and prepare 3-6 questions that are closest to your heart space at this time. Review for yourself, what issues are most pressing, what is causing you stress or suffering or what is challenging you currently.

The Akashic Realm and the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones like to give the next best steps in your areas of concern at the present time. The more pressing the questions, the better.

Pose your questions with What, Why and How to receive the best answers. Yes or No questions are limiting and do not give you any room to explore and do not empower you to make change.

These readings are designed to help you see the powerful divine light being that you truly are and the magnitude of love that you already possess. Yes or no questions imply your future is already figured out and destined, and do not give you the power to make choices or have free will.

The Earth experience is designed to allow you to create your own reality and discovering how to do that in a way that supports you is your journey. 

Wonderful Topics to discuss are:
Relationships, Patterns of Behaviour that are not helping you, Business and/or Career, Spiritual Evolution and Health. Anything related to this Earth realm and your experience of it.

What are the Akashic Records?

Akasha is known as the 5th element or ether and means space or realm. The Akashic Records are a vibrational realm or dimension that consists of all our thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors over all of our lifetimes here on planet Earth.

In short, the complete journey of your soul throughout time is recorded here as well as all of the wisdom and knowledge acquired through those lives.

By receiving a reading, you are granted access to what information in the records your soul most needs to see, hear or realize at this time to help guide you. The records are a very supportive and loving realm. You will have a chance to experience yourself from a much bigger perspective, a place of nonjudgement and to feel a love without conditions.

After your reading, you may experience relief, healing, an ability to move forward and make changes, an increase in creative flow, a deeper understanding, a more profound perspective on your life’s challenges and a feeling of receiving a puzzle piece that had been misplaced.

Akashic Record Reading Duration & Pricing:

3-6 Questions, 60 Minutes: $166 USD

All sessions are facilitated privately with Deepa over Zoom.

My Promises to You

My intention is always to give you clarity, support, counsel, guidance, unconditional love and to offer you a well lit path on your healing journey.

“You did not just explain what each card means, you really put your soul and energy into this reading and your words gave a huge positive vibe which I missed at that time.”

– Marina K, Past Client.

Even in the first email message I received from you, I felt seen, heard, and valued. I felt like you were in my corner, cheering for me every step of the way!

– Tamara, Past Client.