Chakra & Aura Check

The Chakra Check is perfect if you have been feeling ungrounded, disconnected from your soul’s wisdom or sluggish, stagnant, anxious or blocked energetically.

During this session, I will tune into my Spirit Guides and your energy mediumistically. We will check your aura, your 7 main chakras and your grounding connection to the Earth.

As we scan, I will identify what I see out loud so that you are experiencing the process with us as we go. This also assists in keeping the energy flowing, allowing us to go deeper with the process.

Any problems areas will be identified by my Spirit Guides. They will check to ensure your chakras are colorful and energetically balanced. They will check for any emotional stagnation and or blocks and facilitate flow. They will increase your grounding connection to the Earth and will check the integrity and vibrancy of your Aura.

Afterwards, guidance will also be offered so that you may know how to best support yourself after the session.

Chakra and Aura Check

60 minutes: $122 USD

All sessions are facilitated privately with Deepa over Zoom.

My Promises to You

My intention is always to give you clarity, support, counsel, guidance, unconditional love and to offer you a well lit path on your healing journey.

“You did not just explain what each card means, you really put your soul and energy into this reading and your words gave a huge positive vibe which I missed at that time.”

– Marina K, Past Client.

Even in the first email message I received from you, I felt seen, heard, and valued. I felt like you were in my corner, cheering for me every step of the way!

– Tamara, Past Client.